An attractive digital design on a website can keep customers on the site and potentially create returning customers. The importance of website design and development has never been higher than it is today. When a potential customer visits a website, they need immediate results, quick navigation, a clean layout and attractive color combinations. If any of these components aren’t present, they could quickly get frustrated and leave. Here are several items a digital marketing consultant will tell you to consider in order to update your digital website design.

Bold Colors

Using bold colors without being too outlandish can really make your website design stand out. Many custom website development experts suggest incorporating a mix of these colors to give the website a unique feel, while still being easy to read and use. The main thing you need to be cautious about is using text colors and fonts that could be difficult to read.

Less Clutter, More Substance

Depending on the products or services you sell, it’s tempting to fill your website with an abundance of images. The right amount of images can greatly enhance a site’s design, but too many can create clutter. Consumers today want to educate themselves about a product or service as much as possible before investing in it. This means looking at an image and reading about the product or service. The more valuable information it has, the better your website design and development will be, and the better chances you’ll have of creating repeat customers.

Brighter Screens Make Attractive Websites

A digital marketing consultant will suggest incorporating bright colors to ensure a user’s screen jumps out at them when they visit your website. However, these colors are mainly referring to images and text boxes, rather than the entire background of the site. You can use cool colors and still manage to achieve a bright screen, which is the ultimate attractive design.

Invest in Your Website Design

It’s very important to constantly update your website design and development. Consumers always change the way they look at information and perceive websites, so keeping up with the latest trends will help you stay on top of your competition. The best way to do this is by investing in a quality digital marketing consultant to analyze the trends for you. Business owners have other aspects of their business to focus on, so a trusted consultant or consulting firm can help you ensure you’ll always have the latest and best website.

Humble Bear has helped hundreds of companies with their custom website development. Having a fully functional and attractive website around the clock is critical for any business. However, it’s impossible for a company to monitor this 24 hours a day unless they have a staff to do so. Considering this would require a vast amount of resources, most companies turn to a digital marketing consultant like us. Be sure to contact us to schedule a consultation to see how we can help enhance your website’s design and make it as effective and attractive as possible.