There are many different ways you can have an effective website. On the other hand, there are plenty of ways you can also have a poor web design that drives customers away from it instead of attracting them to it. When it comes to custom website design and development, having a professional design that’s user-friendly, easy to read and navigate and can be easily viewed on multiple devices are all must-haves. If your business isn’t up to the level you had wished it would be at this point, it may be time to reach out to a custom website development team to evaluate and re-work your web design.

Web Design Must Be Easy on The Eyes

If there’s too much noise on a website, customers will get confused, frustrated and maybe even angry enough to leave immediately. A web design that’s easy on the eyes won’t have a lot of different bright colors, fonts or styles. Instead, there will be some strategically-placed whitespace, simple and few colors and consistent styles and fonts. When you were previously in the custom website development phase, you may have thought the louder and brighter your website was, the more attractive it would be. However, the opposite is usually true, so keep it simple and your web design will be easier on the eyes and look more professional as a result.

Too Much Clutter

Clutter can be in the form of text, images and links. When your web design has a lot of clutter, it can make navigation difficult. Plus, the website will most likely load much more slowly, which will increase the chances of the visitor leaving the site quickly. Think about what actually brings value to your website and your customers. Do those auto-play videos help or hurt the chances of keeping your customers on your website? What about certain images? If there’s even the slightest bit of doubt about the effectiveness, a website design and development team will tell you to remove it. Those items can always be incorporated back into the design later on, but for now, the goal should be to eliminate the unnecessary clutter.

Not Being User-Friendly

This point goes along similarly to having too much clutter. If your customer doesn’t know where to go to find the information they want, then they will likely leave and use a different resource. Making your customer search for the “contact us” link or the link to direct them to your products or services is a recipe for disaster. These should be prominently displayed on the top of your website so they are easy to see and access. These may seem like obvious points, but it’s easy to make different components of a website difficult for users to navigate without even knowing. Easy navigation is critical for retaining customers, so testing out these points with various users within your organization is crucial.

Customers Want To Interact

Nowadays a customer wants to interact with a company via social media or other outlets before they make a decision to shop or do business with them. By putting your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media profile links on the front page of your website, you are encouraging them to follow you, which is exactly what customers want to see today. This interaction and engagement with customers can greatly increase your credibility, so it’s something you shouldn’t overlook.

Also consider incorporating an opportunity for customers to interact with you right on your homepage. Whether it’s a “contact us” link to send an email, providing a phone number or even a live chat feature, having an easily accessible means of contacting you is critical. Just don’t go overboard with pop-up windows or other features that could potentially annoy a customer enough to drive them away. Finding the right balance is important, and your custom website development team can use their experience to help you find it.

Poor Mobile Capability

Any custom logo design company or custom website development company will stress the importance of making your website optimized for mobile viewing. Consumers are trending towards using mobile devices more than traditional desktop or laptop computers today, especially when it comes to browsing for products or services. If your logo doesn’t quickly display on a mobile device, or if the website in general doesn’t load immediately, then you’re guaranteed to lose the customer. It’s too easy for a customer to close out of your website and find a different one to go to, so invest in the latest technology and trends suggested by your custom website development company and you’ll stay on par with the competition at the very least.

Ignoring SEO Makes Your Website Undiscoverable

Driving customers away because of a poor web design is one thing, but not having your website in a position to be easily discovered might be even worse. Search Engine Optimization is huge for any business. Ignoring it or not implementing good practices regarding SEO will make it difficult for customers to find you, which is never a good practice for any type of business. SEO requires constant analysis and evaluation, since common search terms can change, as well as the content you’re marketing at any given time. The value of a good website design and development company is unmatched when it comes to SEO.

Humble Bear is a website design and development company that takes pride in growing alongside your business. Whether you’re a new business looking to get off the ground or an existing business needing to revamp your website, we have the tools and resources to get the job done for you. In addition to designing and developing your website, we will also analyze and test frequently to ensure you’re maximizing traffic, increasing conversions and being as profitable as possible. To learn more about how we can help improve your web design and retain customers, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.